My Site Has No Traffic!

“Help! My website has no traffic!”

Unfortunately, this is one of the most frequent complaints we hear from small businesses. Having no traffic is common problem for newly built websites or websites without a marketing plan.

So how does one go about getting the word out? Well, before we can begin bragging about our website, we have to make sure it says exactly what we want it to say.

Content is King

It’s true that search engines want to see lots of relevant text on a page of your website, but as you write content for your website, remember the human visitor. Each page of the website should detail the features, benefits and results of the goods or services you are providing. This may be the only contact your business has with a potential customer so make sure your website is designed to sell.

Features: Detail the various attributes of each product or service you offer. What makes you unique?

Benefits: Explain the advantages of choosing your services or products over other choices. What do you offer that your competitor doesn’t?

Results: Tell what these benefits mean to the customer.  What will the outcome be for going with your company?

Take a good, long look at each product or service page of your website:

  • Does it make sense to the visitor?
  • Is it clear what you’re selling or what services you offer?
  • Do the pages convey your organization’s message?

Spread the Word

Once you feel the content on your website is doing its job, consider some of the following ideas for spreading the word about your new website:

  • Article Marketing
  • Blog Comments
  • Directory Submissions
  • Forum Participation
  • Social Media
  • Google Merchant Center (for e-commerce sites)
  • Google Places (for local sites)
  • SEO for Right Keywords

If you’ve tried everything you know to drive traffic to your website and still aren’t seeing the results you hoped for… let us help!

Waters Designs can provide clients with online marketing consultation or search engine optimization services for a reasonable fee. While we can’t guarantee search engine placement (no one can) we have a long track record of achieving the best placement possible for our clients.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation website marketing consultation.