8 Secret Tips For Your Sales Letters

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Did you know that fortunes were made or lost on the strength of sales letters? It is not “Build a better mousetrap” that will make you rich. It is “Create a better sales letter” that will lead you to fame and fortune.

Secret one: Know your audience. This is often overlooked. You don’t use the same approach to sell teenagers that you would use for senior citizens. Analyze your audience and find out how your product will solve their problems.

Secret two: Headline. This is the most important part of your sales letter. You must draw your prospect in with your headline. If the headline does not interest them, they will not read your letter. Your product may be wonderful, but if the prospect isn’t interested in reading your letter, there will be no sale.

Secret three: Introduction. Introduce yourself briefly and tell the reader how you can solve their problems. Tell them how you have solved the problems for other people. Use stories to relate how you have helped people just like the reader.

Secret four: Testimonials. People are skeptical and need convincing. Include several testimonials from people who have tried your product and liked it. The magic number for testimonials is three. If you have more, use them.

Secret five: Benefits. Your audience does not care about you or your product. All they want to know is what will your product do for them. Do not describe your product here. Instead, tell all about the benefits and what the product can do for the reader. Tell them how their life will improve with your product.

Secret six: Guarantee. Offer an unconditional guarantee. Your reader does not trust you or your product. You must reassure them that they are not taking any risk by buying what you are selling. You must make them feel comfortable. You as the seller need to assume all the risks.

Secret seven: Close. Make it easy to buy and ask for the sale. Tell the reader how to order the product and how fast it will get to them. Include as many different kinds of payments as possible. If you streamline your payment process, it will make it easy for the customer to buy your product.

Secret eight: Test. If the headline is the most important secret, this is the second most important. You need to test every aspect of your sales letter. It can be very time consuming to do these tests, but it is very important that you do this. Only test one thing in your sales letter at a time. You can test different headlines first, then test your guarantee, then test your price, but you must only pick one thing to test at a time.

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