More Than Just a Thank-You Page

When a visitor to your website fills out a survey, places an order or sends a message through your contact form, they are taken to what we call the ‘Thank You’ page.

This page is developed with the primary purpose of letting visitors know we have received their communication and we thank them for their time, money or message. Not only do we show our appreciation with a statement of gratitude but it’s also the perfect place to say one last thing before they leave our website.

If your page only says “thank you” and nothing more, you may be wasting valuable real estate. Here are some marketing ideas for website ‘Thank You’ pages.


Obviously, the best information to place on the Thank You page is a summary of what just happened. E-commerce sites often use a copy of the invoice on this page. Contact forms can display the information filled in by the visitors.

Account Information

One of the first things an online shopper wants to know after placing an order is how to track their purchase. Although the website may have a link to customer accounts, the ‘Thank You’ page is an excellent location to remind shoppers how they can view their order history, tracking details and update their personal information.


By adding a coupon or discount off their next purchase, we giving shoppers a reason to return to our sites. Be sure to let the shopper know the savings is only for future purchases and give a clear expiration date.


Bizrate and other review websites can provide a survey script to place on the ‘Thank You’ page. Here we can actually ask our shoppers about their experience using our website.


Send-to-a-friend scripts are easy to implement and allow the visitor to recommend products, services or the entire website to someone they know that may be interested as well.


The ‘Thank You’ page is also a good place to show related products and services the visitor may be interested in as well. These can be your own items, or if you partner with another website, here’s where you can recommend their services.

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