6 Tips for Exchanging Links

Establishing incoming links through link exchanges is an effective marketing tool. When done correctly, building inbound links can even improve your search engine ranking by increasing your link popularity, your website traffic, and providing a valuable resource for your site visitors.

Here are 6 tips for exchanging links:

1. Complete the website before launching your link exchange campaign.

2. Be sure your page of links is visible from your homepage.

3. Build your list of links slowly.

4. Exchange links with a handful of high quality sites and not with thousands of poor quality sites.

5. If the site you’re exchanging links with is not useful to your visitors then don’t do it. Only link out if it’s a source of relevant information that would be useful to your readers.

6. Be choosy about who you link to. If you link to websites full of spam then that raises the question of credibility for your site.

What is a high quality site?
A useful measure of a high quality site from a link exchange viewpoint is the Site Page Rank (PR). A site’s PR can be viewed using the Google Toolbar.

Sites with PR greater than 4 are great link partners. Keep in mind that new sites will have a low PR in the beginning. This doesn’t necessarily make them bad link partners.

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