Is Your Website Sticky?

Does your website scream ‘bookmark me!’ to its visitors? Do you think readers are recommending it to their friends? Are visitors staying on the pages longer than a few seconds? If you answered no to any of these questions, your website may not be ‘sticky’.

Stickiness is referred to the length of time a website viewer stays when visiting a site and how often they return. Sticky sites generally offer interesting content, free stuff and other interactive features.

Here are some ideas to make your website sticky:

  1. Add a regularly updated blog
  2. Keep the content fresh
  3. Offer a newsletter to subscribers
  4. Provide free games, downloads or tutorials
  5. Add a RSS feed
  6. Use social media
  7. Offer guest speakers / interviews

If you would like to learn how your website can become sticky, contact Waters Designs for a free site evaluation today.