Beware of Fake Bill From DNS Services (

A couple of our clients have received these phoney invoices from a company calling itself DNS Services.

Unless you want to sign up for these services, DO NOT PAY IT! 

The document looks exactly like an official invoice for various technical services and even goes so far to list the company’s primary domain name and current nameservers. Their contact info is, 360-529-5130.

While this “invoice” is misleading and unethical, it is unfortunately not illegal.

Near the bottom of the invoice, under several lines of technical lingo, it clearly states that the document is only for solicitation:

This is a solicitation for the order of goods or services, or both, and not a bill, invoice, or statement of account due.  You are under no obligation to make any payments on account of this offer unless you accept this offer.

So what does that mean to your company? Once you pay this fake bill you’re committed to their “services” and they are no longer required to post the solicitation info because you are now their client. Be sure to inform your accounting staff, office personnel and other employees to be on the lookout for fraudulent invoicing.


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