4 Reasons to Use a Custom Email Address

Most people would agree it is almost impossible today to conduct business without an email account. That’s why we believe all businesses (regardless of industry, number of employees or whether or not it has a website) should have at least one custom email address.

Need Marketing Materials?

As you may or may not know, Waters Designs does graphic work like logos and branding materials for our clients. We’re often asked who we recommend for printing and up until recently, we generally directed our clients to their local printers. If you’re in need of printed marketing materials, I recommend you give figma resources a […]

8 Secret Tips For Your Sales Letters

[Download your free copy of “Greatest Sales Letters” for more help in writing the perfect sales letter.] Did you know that fortunes were made or lost on the strength of sales letters? It is not “Build a better mousetrap” that will make you rich. It is “Create a better sales letter” that will lead you […]