4 Reasons to Use a Custom Email Address

Most people would agree it is almost impossible today to conduct business without an email account. That’s why we believe all businesses (regardless of industry, number of employees or whether or not it has a website) should have at least one custom email address. A custom email looks like: yourname@yourbusiness.com.

Here are our top four reasons to use a custom email address:

  1. Free email accounts look cheap.
    Free email accounts (ie- @yahoo.com, @hotmail.com, @msn.com, @gmail.com, etc.) were fine when you were in school and wanted to check email during computer lab, but when it comes to business communications, free email accounts simply look like you’re not interested making a serious investment to the products or services you offer.
  2. Free email accounts are more at risk.
    Not only are free email accounts often associated with spam and hackers, but some organizations even block emails originating from free accounts to reduce the possibility of viruses and spam.If your business is using an email address provided by an Internet Service Provider, that account isn’t permanent and if you change ISPs, you’ll lose your email address.
  3. Custom emails establish credibility.
    Free email accounts have a sense of anonymity, but a custom email address projects a professional image and establishes credibility. Potential clients need to feel they can trust you before they will do business with you. The custom email address shows you’re committed to your business and will probably be around for a long time.
  4. Custom emails build brands.
    Which email address do you think your customers will remember info@yourcomany.com or studmuffin-86@freeaccount.com? Which do you WANT them to remember? A custom email address associated with a website makes it easier to find your company online.

For about the same cost as a large pizza, you can buy a domain name, set up your own custom email address and start building an online presence.

Need a custom email address? See if your chosen domain name is available:

If you already have a professional website, it probably came with email accounts you could be using today.

Need help? Waters Designs can assist with domain name purchases, email set-up, website design / development and online marketing services for a reasonable fee. Contact us today!