Beware of Fake Bill From DNS Services (

A couple of our clients have received these phoney invoices from a company calling itself DNS Services. Unless you want to sign up for these services, DO NOT PAY IT!  The document looks exactly like an official invoice for various technical services and even goes so far to list the company’s primary domain name and […]

4 Reasons to Use a Custom Email Address

Most people would agree it is almost impossible today to conduct business without an email account. That’s why we believe all businesses (regardless of industry, number of employees or whether or not it has a website) should have at least one custom email address.

6 Internet Marketing Ideas

Don’t just sit there watching cobwebs gather on your website. Whether you sell products online or have a one-page business card website, there are many ways to generate more traffic from your online presence. Increase exposure online with these Internet marketing ideas for your business.